Genoa for families

Discover the wonders and delights Genoa, Italy has in store for you and your loved ones! This enchanting coastal city is brimming with family-friendly attractions, from awe-inspiring underwater worlds at the renowned Genoa Aquarium, to the rich seafaring history preserved in the Galata Maritime Museum. Get ready to step onto the dizzying heights of The Bigo, immerse yourself in the lush, tropical haven of the Biosphere or let young imaginations run wild at Genoa's Children's City. Take a plunge into the past at the Natural History Museum, revel in the joys of the outdoors at the Adventure Park, or foster young minds at The City of Children and Young People. Delve into the stories of ancient mariners at the Ippolito National Museum, and marvel at the architectural grandeur of the Palazzo Ducale. Each location promises a unique adventure, opening doors to new worlds of knowledge, fun and excitement. Embark on this unforgettable journey with us as we explore the best family attractions in Genoa!

  • Genoa Aquarium

    Nestled in the heart of Genoa, Italy lies an undersea jewel you simply must see: the Genoa Aquarium. This aquatic wonderland is a marvel, housing one of the most comprehensive collection of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. It's a thrilling journey that leads you through various marine ecosystems; imagine coming face-to-face with playful dolphins, magnificent sharks, and colorful tropical fishes, a true spectacle for any sea-life enthusiast. If you're in Genoa, a visit to this magical place is a must, as it promises to leave a lasting impression. It's like a voyage beneath the surf, without getting your feet wet!

  • Ship exhibit indoors
    A striking red-hulled ship presented as an indoor exhibit at the Galata Maritime Museum in Genoa, showcasing maritime history.
    Galata Maritime Museum

    Welcome to the Galata Maritime Museum, an awe-inspiring sea of adventure right in the heart of Genoa, Italy. Like a riveting storybook of seafaring tales, this museum offers a thrilling voyage through time, enlivened by its vast collection of maritime artifacts. From majestic galleys of yesteryears to interactive exhibits showcasing nautical navigation techniques, every corner of this four-story sea fortress brims with intrigue and exploration. This isn't just a museum - it's an immersive experience, ready to whisk you onto the high seas, all without leaving the comfort of Genoa!

  • Bustling market street
    The lively street scene captures the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling market, with locals and tourists mingling among colorful stalls and traditional architecture.
    The Bigo

    Welcome to The Bigo, a magnificent tour de force standing tall in the heart of Genoa, Italy! This remarkable construction, inspired by the city's rich maritime history, offers a captivatingly unique view of this Mediterranean jewel. Rocking an elevator that swings you high into the Italian sky, The Bigo merges engineering marvel with aesthetic beauty, rewarding visitors with panoramas that stretch from the mountain fringed horizons to the azure Ligurian sea. All aboard, folks! Your scenic journey in marveling magical Genoa starts from here!

  • Biosphere in Genoa
    The Biosphere, a glass-and-steel ecological bubble, sits by the yachts moored in the Porto Antico of Genoa, Italy.

    Welcome to the splendid Biosphere of Genoa, Italy! Affectionately known as "The Bubble," this astonishing glass and steel structure houses an enchanting world of diverse tropical plants and animals. Packed with fluttering butterflies, chirping birds and exotic species of the rainforest, this stunningly eco-friendly dome by the sea is a veritable visual treat. It beats to the rhythm of nature's most captivating symphony, right in the bustling heart of the Genoa harbor. A magical tribute to Mother Earth indeed! Isn't that simply riveting, folks? Let's dive in and take a closer look!

  • Colorful indoor playground
    Children explore and play in the vibrant, candy-themed sections of Genoa's Children's City, an educational and entertainment facility designed to stimulate young minds.
    Genoa's Children's City

    Nestled in the heart of Genoa, Italy, you'll discover a wonderland for youngsters filled with excitement called Children's City, or "Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi" in Italian. A trip to this educational powerhouse is a must when visiting Genoa with children. Chock full of interactive exhibitions designed to make learning fun, it takes kids on an incredible journey exploring everything from the mysteries of the physical world to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Here, science hops off the textbook pages and comes alive. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to step into a world where education meets entertainment, leaving an infectious smile on your curious scholars' faces. Hop in, kiddos! Your adventurous voyage awaits at Children's City!

  • Natural History Museum of Genoa

    Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Natural History Museum of Genoa, where history, science, and wonder combine! Tucked away in the vibrant city of Genoa, Italy, this museum is a treasure trove of intriguing artifacts, ancient fossils, and captivating stories. With over three million specimens collected from all over the globe, this museum sparks curiosity and inspires a love for science and the natural world. Every corner of the museum offers a new revelation, from prehistoric wonders to fascinating insights into animal biodiversity. It's a journey into the mysteries of our planet every history buff, science enthusiast, and curious mind would love to undertake. Now, let's dive deeper and wander through the fascinating chambers of this hidden gem!

  • Adventure Park

    Pack your bags for an exhilarating doorway to wilderness, right in the heart of Genoa, Italy - Adventure Park. Nestled among the city's lustrous botanical gardens, this outdoor haven promises an adrenaline-fueled escapade for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Unleash your inner Tarzan and zip through a maze of towering tree canopy trails or test your agility on their challenging obstacle courses. It's an unforgettable blend of eco-friendly entertainment and heart-thumping fun, a spicy kick of adventure amidst Genoa's rich historical stew.

  • Interactive exhibit space
    Visitors engaging with colorful, educational displays at The City of Children and Young People in Genoa, showcasing the center's interactive and vibrant learning environment.
    The City of Children and Young People

    Ah, Genoa, Italy. The city fondly known as The City of Children and Young People, and for good reason! Genoa is like a sprawling, open-air playground that delights youngsters and young-at-heart alike. With its vibrant blend of rich history, stunning architecture, and innovative education centers, Genoa effortlessly educates while it captivates. There's always a fascinating discovery just around the corner here, waiting to pique the curiosity and make the eyes of both children and adults shine with wonder. Let's ready ourselves for an enchanting walking tour, folks! It's time to navigate the winding lanes of Genoa, a city that truly delights in the sound of children's laughter echoing down its timeless alleyways.

  • Museum geological exhibit
    A glimpse inside the Ippolito National Museum in Genoa, showcasing a geological exhibit with informative panels and rock samples.
    Ippolito National Museum

    Step right up, friends, and feast your eyes on the fantastic Ippolito National Museum in the beguiling city of Genoa, Italy! This Italian charmer is no mere museum; it's a treasure chest brimming with wonder and delight. Forged from a massive 16th-century fortress, it's teeming with sensational marine exhibits, mesmerising archaeological discoveries, and delightfully creepy curiosities stashed within its ancient, stone-clad heart. Every nook and cranny of the Ippolito promises an intoxicating blend of history, science, and bold seafaring adventures. My dear explorers, a visit to this museum isn't just a peek into Italy's naval past, it's your ticket to ride the choppy waters of the Mediterranean's fascinating history!

  • Palazzo Ducale Genoa
    The imposing Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy, stands proudly under a clear blue sky, with visitors milling about its spacious piazza.
    Palazzo Ducale

    Step right into the heart of Genoa's storied past with a visit to the Palazzo Ducale. Once the residence of the Doges of Genoa, this majestic palace perfectly encapsulates the grandeur and artistic brilliance of Italy's bygone era. While its stately exteriors – characterized by a blend of Gothic and Renaissance elements – are enough to catch your breath, the kaleidoscopic detailing inside promises even more wonder. Every corner of Palazzo Ducale whispers tales of power, intrigue, and cultural evolution, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a captivating journey through time. So, lace up your history buff boots, folks! The old-world charm of Palazzo Ducale beckons you for an unforgettable exploration.