How much to tip in Genoa

How much to tip at restaurants

Well, my globetrotting gourmands, when it comes to dining out in Italy's magnificent maritime marvel, Genoa, it's important to ease into 'when in Rome'... or Genoa, in this instance! A customary gesture of gratitude after a delectable Ligurian meal is a tip, usually rounding up the bill to the nearest Euro. Unlike our American chums across the pond, Italians don't rely on tips as part of their income, so a generous 15-20% may leave your server looking as wide-eyed as Columbus did discovering America!

How much to tip at coffee shops

Ah, the charm of a cozy Genovese coffee shop, where the aroma of a brewing espresso envelops you like a warm Ligurian embrace. When buying your morning jolt of java, it's common practice to leave the small change from your purchase, nothing more. If your morning cappuccino costs €1.50, leave the extra coins when you pay with a €2 coin. And you heard me right, we are talking espresso and cappuccino - no pumpkin spice lattes in sight!

How much to tip at bars

As we embark on an evening of twinkling taverns and buzzing bars, make sure your Euro cents add up right! Tipping at bars in Genoa, or any Italian city for that matter, is not obligatory. Sure, you can leave some coins as a gesture of good will, but don't fret if you forget, you won't be breaking any sacred rules. Think of it as an optional cherry atop a frothy Italian beer... or an Aperol spritz, if you're feeling extra Milanese!

How much to tip in a taxi

Zooming through Genoa’s scenic streets in a taxi can indeed be an experience. If your driver was prompt and polite, then feel free to sprinkle a bit of extra appreciation. However, unlike New York's yellow cabs or London's black taxis, a tip isn’t typically expected. You can just round up to the next Euro, or for a longer journey, an extra Euro or two would be sufficient.

Should you tip with card or cash

We've come to the grand finale, folks. Despite our digital world, in Genoa, old-school paper and coins are preferred for tips. Credit card machines usually don't offer the option to add a tip onto the transaction. So keep some spare Euro coins for those culturally significant moments of tipping. The Genoese will surely appreciate it, and that, my friends, is how you navigate the ancient sea of Genoese tipping etiquette!