The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Genoa

Where is Genoa on map

Sit back, grab a compass, and let's go on a little journey together, shall we? Now if you close your eyes and imagine the boot-shaped peninsula of Italy, Genoa is nestled comfortably along the north-west coast. It's a sparkling star on the edge of the Ligurian Sea, a touch west of the glittering metropolis of Milan and snugly north of the storied island of Corsica. If I lost you at "compass", fear not! Just pull out a map and you'll find Genoa lounging halfway between the base of France and the iconic lean of Pisa.

How big is Genoa

Genoa is one of those characters that packs a lot into a seemingly small space. Don't let that fool you, though. With a land area of about 243.6 squared kilometers, Genoa is no petite Italian belle. If we stretch its length, it runs around 30 kilometers along the coastline from east to west. Genoa is like the Genoese pesto - a compact concoction bursting with flavors and surprises. Speaking of surprises, did you know that Genoa isn't just sea views and harbor vistas? Yes, behind the bustling ports, you'll find your path ascending into green hills and charmingly rugged landscapes.

How many people live in Genoa

Now, let's talk about the locals, the heart and soul of this city. Twirling around the cobblestone streets, sipping espressos in the plazas, and lending this gem its unique melody are roughly 584,000 Genovesi (as they call themselves). This might make Genoa seem like a bustling metropolis, but don't be deceived! Instead, think of it like a chorus of individual voices that together make a harmonious whole. Each person adds their unique note in the symphony that is Genoa, making every visit here a beautiful performance to behold.