Getting to Genoa

Traveling from the U.S.

Jet setters from the United States, clear your schedule and pack your bags because Genoa is calling. Most major U.S. cities offer flights to this gem of a city in Italy. Our favorite suggestion would be to enter Europe through airline hubs such as Paris, London, or Frankfurt, and then connect to Genoa.

If you fancy a road trip after landing, consider booking a private airport shuttle service to whisk you away to Genoa's city center in style. With advantageous amenities like personalized pick-up, luggage assistance, and direct transfers, it's the hassle-free way to kick off your Italian getaway.

Traveling from Canada

For our Canadian neighbors, traveling to Genoa is a breeze. Many major airlines offer routes to Genoa's Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA) with stops in European airline hubs. Picture this - you could be enjoying poutine for breakfast and pasta for dinner; who wouldn't want that?

For those seeking an adventure, why not cap off your flight with a drive along Italy's breathtaking coastline? Book a private airport shuttle service. Trust us; between the personalized pick-up service and the serene comfort of having your luggage taken care of, it's like having a slice of Italy's famous 'la dolce vita' - the sweet life - right away!

Traveling from Australia

Listen up mates from Down Under, traveling all the way to Genoa is a bit of a haul, but it's more than worth it. The most convenient way is to fly to one of the major Asian or Middle Eastern hubs, like Dubai or Singapore, before catching a connecting flight to Genoa.

Don't forget to take the tired out of traveling - book a private shuttle service to avoid the crowds, long taxi lines and, let’s be honest, maps that make no sense after a long journey. It's a direct, door-to-door transfer, and you get the advantage of luggage assistance. It's just the kind of warm Italian welcome you'd want after a long-haul flight!

Traveling from Asia

For all our friends in Asia, whether your journey to Genoa starts in bustling Tokyo, sparkling Seoul, or historic Beijing, it's likely you will connect through a Middle Eastern airline hub.

Should you choose land over sky once you've touched down, there are plenty of bus services like Unitiki and BudBus which can make your journey scenic and relaxing. Or for a more private option, our trusted airport shuttle service is always there to offer you a personal, stress-free ride.

Traveling from Europe

Ah, fellow Europeans, the beauty of Genoa is but a train ride away for many of you. And what a train ride it is! For a comfortable and scenic journey, our favorite is RailEurope. Just pre-book your seats and enjoy the picturesque countryside roll by in comfort.

Getting to Genoa by Train

Now for the fun part. Entering Genoa by train is nothing short of magical. It’s like turning the page in an epic novel - you're bursting with anticipation, and then, there it is. Genoa, in all its glory. Book with RailEurope to make the journey effortless and memorable.

Getting to Genoa by Car

If your preferred set of wheels comes with a large trunk, then hop into your car and hit the open road. Cruising along the sun-kissed highways to your Italian destination is a journey that's all part of the vibrant voyage.

Getting to Genoa by Bus

If you'd rather let someone else take the wheel, why not use the UniTiki or BudBus services? It’s an affordable, comfortable and environmentally friendly way to arrive in style. Who knows, you could make a few friends along the way too!

So there you have it, folks, your guide to getting to Genoa from just about anywhere. All that’s left is for you to start the adventure! Ciao!