Walking Tours to discover Las Vegas

Short Stroll: Classical Carpet Route

An aficionado of classic charm? Let's embark on a breezy stroll that's bundled with the rich history of Las Vegas and adds up to 1.5 kilometers, or roughly a mile. You should be able to complete this 20-minute tour in your glitzy heels with ease!

Starting off at the chic Bellagio Fountains, you'll witness a true spectacle of water dancing rhythmically with music. It's like a ballet, but with water and lights! Then, strut down Las Vegas Boulevard to get to Caesars Palace, an architectural testament of extravagant Roman Empire glamour. The gilded statues and mighty fountains are Instagram-perfect!

Medium Meander: Art and Ambling Route

Aloof to the distant echoes of clinking casino chips, we'll wander a bit off the beaten path for a 5-kilometer, 3.1-mile excursion expected to take around 1.5 hours. Who said Las Vegas had no culture?

Commence your journey in the lively Arts District, home to funky murals and vibrant art galleries. Be sure to poke your head into the Arts Factory for a quick dose of creative inspiration. Strolling northwards, you'll greet The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod, one of the city's most distinguished landmarks. Cap off your amble with an optional elevator ride to relish panoramic views of the desert-rimmed city. Won't that be the cherry on top?

Long Leg-Stretch: Historic Heart Route

For the marathon enthusiasts among us, this invigorating 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) walk will take an estimated 2.5 hours. Buckle up – we're going full Indiana Jones on this one!

Start your rendezvous with history at the Fremont Street Experience, a sensory delight of overhead light shows and free concerts. March on to Main Street, where Victorian-era lampposts meet modern establishments like the hip ReBar. Not done yet! Next, we'll touch base at Neon Boneyard, the ethereal resting place for Vegas’s decommissioned neon signs. Sweaty yet satisfied, we'll end the journey at the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort, the first non-native settlement in Las Vegas. Talk about playing witness to history, eh?

Glasses on, shoes laced, and off we go on these unforgettable Las Vegas walking routes. Happy shuffling, folks!