Best photo spots in Lisbon

Whether you’re a professional photographer seeking your next captivating piece, or a traveler armed with just a smartphone and a keen eye for beauty, Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly capital, offers a picturesque playground like no other in the world. From the salty sea air around the sentinel-like Belém Tower, the majestic corridors of Jerónimos Monastery, to the captivating nooks and crannies of the storied Alfama District, the panoramas from Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, and the resplendent multi-colored Pena Palace safely nestled in Sintra, there is a wealth of visually arresting locales waiting to be discovered. This guide will be your companion through winding streets and sweeping landscapes, highlighting the most photogenic locations Lisbon has to offer. Simply put, an escapade for the senses, and a treasure trove of stunning imagery awaits you.

  • Belém Tower at sunset
    The iconic Belém Tower stands majestically against a vibrant sunset sky in Lisbon, Portugal, reflecting its historical significance and architectural splendor.
    Belém Tower

    Belém Tower, or Torre de Belém, is a feast for the eyes and a journey through history tucked away in charming Lisbon, Portugal. Standing grandly at the mouth of the Tagus River, this iconic fortress is a testament to Portugal's Age of Discoveries. Built in the 16th century, the tower's richly ornate façade dazzles visitors with its stunning Moroccan-inspired watchtowers, sculptural battlements, and delightful maritime motifs. Whether it's basking in the panoramic views from the terrace, marvelling at the intricately carved stone or simply soaking up the ambience, a visit to Belém Tower is bound to make your Lisbon trip unforgettable.

  • Jerónimos Monastery facade
    Visitors stroll past the ornate limestone facade of the historic Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, showcasing Manueline architectural style.
    Jerónimos Monastery

    Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Lisbon's crown jewel, the Jerónimos Monastery! Nestled in the heart of Belém district, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to the city's dynamic history. Built in the 16th century during Portugal's Age of Discoveries, the Monastery rewards every visitor with its ornate Manueline design, riveting maritime motifs, and fascinating tales woven seamlessly into its stone fabric. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this monastery isn't simply a collection of buildings; it's a page from a Portuguese storybook, waiting to be explored! So buckle up, explorers, because at Jerónimos Monastery, every nook and cranny has a story to tell.

  • Alfama District

    Nestled snuggly in the heart of Portugal's enchanting capital, Lisbon, one finds the vibrant Alfama District. This colourful neighbourhood is a delightful labyrinth of narrow streets and ancient houses that hum with rich history and culture. With its heritage-proud establishments, striking tile art, heartwarming fado music lingering in the air, and the iconic Tram 28 rattling by, each corner holds a captivating tale. Alfama is truly the seasoned story-teller of Lisbon, always ready to share a charming anecdote from its storied past!

  • Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

    Nestled in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal's spirited capital, the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte offers the city's highest, not to mention most breathtaking, viewpoint. This charmingly unassuming little Catholic chapel atop the Graça Hill rewards every visitor with a stunning panoramic sweep of this historic city; a dazzling patchwork of pastel houses, ancient monuments, and cobalt blue sea. With every landmark at your feet, such as the Castelo de S. Jorge, the Ponte 25 de Abril, the Tagus River and beyond, it’s almost as if you can see the whole world from up here.

  • Pena Palace, Sintra

    Nestled cheerfully atop the forest-covered hills of Sintra, the vibrant Pena Palace beckons travelers from Lisbon, Portugal and beyond with its unique blend of architectural styles. It's like a fairy tale come to life - the unapologetic yellows and reds of the towers, domes, and ramparts popping joyfully against the blues and greens of sea and forest that stretch out all around. The palace is an unforgettable salute to the creative spirit, being a delightful mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Manueline design elements, interspersed with Moorish details. Pena Palace, with its true-to-form battlements, watchtowers, and even a drawbridge, is a testament to the romanticism of the 19th century, creating a bold statement in the heart of Sintra's lush landscape.