Lisbon Map

Lisbon Guide Map

Buckle up, dear travelers, for we're about to launch into the buoyant magic of Lisbon, widely known as the "City of Seven Hills". You'll be delighted to know that access to a Lisbon Guide Map is as hassle-free as indulging in a plate of pastel de nata.

For an online version, there's no better starting point than, and don't forget to check out Lisbon Map 360, which offers printable maps of various kinds: touristic, districts, monuments, activities and public transport!

Lisbon Subway Map

One could say that Lisbon's Subway Map is your golden ticket to exploring this enchanting city with freedom and finesse. With four lines designated by four fabulous colours; Green (Linha Verde), Blue (Linha Azul), Yellow (Linha Amarela), and Red (Linha Vermelha), navigating the map is as easy as reciting the four primary colors. Each enchanting stop promises an intimate experience with Lisbon's arresting architecture and vibrant cafés.

Let's remedy that smartphone addiction, shall we? For times when you prefer a fuss-free paper trail, snag a printed copy of the map from any Lisbon Metro station. For the tech-savvy wanderers, the Lisbon Subway official website has you covered with not just the map, but also detailed information about the lines and the stations.

Lisbon Attractions Map

Get ready to swoon over a gamut of spellbinding sights that this historic city has sparked into existence. Lisbon's alluring attractions sprinkle the entire city, ranged from the stoic Belem Tower standing poised at the Tagus River's edge to the charming districts of Alfama and Bairro Alto, brimming with timeless appeal.

Can't wait to start planning your adventure? Websites like CityMaps2Go allow you to customize and download your very own Lisbon Attractions Map. Fancy a weathered replica with an old-world charm? Local bookstores and tourist offices dole out paper ones with a rustic appeal.

Lisbon on Google Maps

Google is the best friend of every modern-day explorer. With a few clicks on Google Maps, you find yourself gazing at the grandeur of Lisbon from wherever in the world you are. It allows you to virtually tango around the city's streets, weaving through Alfama's narrow lanes or tracing the Tagus River.

An offline version is at your service as well. To keep Lisbon tucked in your pocket even when you're off-grid, download the map for offline use on your Google Maps app. Voila! You're now equipped to navigate the city like a true Lisboeta!

Seeing Lisbon unfold before you is like watching a pop-up book come to life. Happy exploring!