How safe is Lisbon

Is Lisbon Safe to Visit in 2023

Tourist reading map
A solo traveler navigates through the city streets with a map, exemplifying the importance of staying orientated to ensure personal safety.

Planning to visit the vibrant city of Lisbon in 2023? It's your lucky day, my dear explorers, as you're about to embark on a remarkable journey filled with colorful streets, historic trams, delightful pastries, and the hauntingly beautiful Fado music. But before you pack those sunhats and sunnies, let's take a detour through some essential travel safety details.

Transport & Taxis Risk

Venturing into Lisbon, you'll quickly discover an efficient and reasonably safe public transportation system. Our iconic, rattling yellow trams are a veritable joyride! However, remember to remain watchful as crowded trams can sometimes attract petty thieves.

As for taxis, most drivers are honest folks. But as in any city, there are a few sneaky devils. Best practice? Insist on using the meter or agree on a fare before starting your journey. Also, use licensed taxis that are black with green roofs – you simply can't miss them!

Pickpockets Risk

Fire safety equipment
The image captures essential fire safety equipment, including an extinguisher and a coiled fire hose, ready for emergency use in a red-painted hallway.

Alas, Lisbon isn't immune to petty crime. Pickpockets favor tourist hotspots and public transportation, so it's crucial to stash your wallets, passports, and smartphones safely. Don’t flaunt expensive gadgets, and keep a tight grip on your belongings, especially in crowded places.

Natural Disasters Risk

Portugal is not particularly prone to natural disasters, but it does have a moderate risk of earthquakes. However, don't let this fact shake your plans! Buildings and infrastructure in Lisbon are built to withstand seismic activity. And honestly, it’s worth the slight risk just to taste the sublime Pastéis de Nata!

Terrorism Risk

Bungee jumping scene
An adrenaline seeker bungee jumps from a platform, demonstrating both the thrill and necessary safety measures of the sport with a scenic mountainous backdrop.

Lisbon is considered relatively safe from the perspective of terrorism, with the Global Terrorism Index score for Portugal standing at a comforting 0.09 out of 10. But, as cookies occasionally crumble unexpectedly, it's always wise to stay informed of global events.

Scams Risk

Oh, the artful dodgers! It's not uncommon to come across street vendors selling counterfeit items or offering services at inflated prices. The antidote to their antics? A healthy blend of caution, common sense, and an unshakeable ‘no, thank you’.

Women Travelers Risk

To all our globetrotting ladies, Lisbon is a pretty safe city. However, always ensure you take the same common sense precautions you would at home. Late-night solo strolls in quiet areas may not be the wisest move. Stick to well-lit paths, and don't accept unsolicited help.

All things considered, Lisbon, with its tempting mix of traditional and contemporary flavors, is a joy to explore. It's safe without being suffocating - your adventurous spirit will feel right at home! But remember, while you're taking care of the passports and packing lists, don't forget about getting yourself travel insurance. It ensures that you're covered against any unexpected situations, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture, custard tarts, and carefree laughter that Lisbon has to offer. Here's to an epic journey of discovery in 2023! Happy travels, my friends!