The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Lisbon

Where is Lisbon on map

Lisbon cityscape view
A vibrant view of Lisbon's historical architecture, with colorful buildings set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Let's go on a little digital journey, shall we? Picture Europe, the whole boot-shaped, rugged, mountainous, beautiful continent. Now let's venture to the far southwestern edge where the land nestles against the vast Atlantic Ocean. Are you there? Great! That spot, my dear explorers, is where you'll find the delightful city of Lisbon, Portugal's brilliant coastal capital.

Curl up the edges of the Iberian Peninsula, and voila! - Lisbon, a stunning city painted on Portugal's canvas between Spain's eastern border and the coasts of the Atlantic. Coordinates, you ask? I've got the GPS working and those are approximately 38.7° N latitude, 9.1° W longitude. Yes, folks, we are indeed quite close to the edge!

How big is Lisbon

Lisbon cityscape view
A panoramic view of Lisbon showcasing the vibrant city architecture with the 25 de Abril Bridge in the background, captured during the golden hour.

Do you fancy quaint, cobblestoned streets as much as sprawling cityscapes? Because Lisbon, my friends, offers a beautiful blend of both. It occupies an area of approximately 100 square kilometers, or about 39 square miles for those more acquainted with Imperial measures.

But wait, before you bring out your rulers and maps, know this - there's more to Lisbon than squares on a grid! The city's charm lies in how it stretches and sprawls across steep hillsides, overlooks exhilaratingly blue seascapes, and nestles into lush, verdant valleys. Big it may be, but every corner is a surprise! From the sweeping vistas at the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte to the narrow alleys in Alfama, Lisbon beautifully fits a lot of city in its vast contours.

How many people live in Lisbon

Lisbon is not just about enchanting landscapes and historic neighborhoods; it's also a thriving, pulsing hub teeming with life. And how many hearts are beating in unison here, you wonder? Approximately 505,526, according to the latest count. That's right! In this vibrant panorama of colors, flavors, and sounds live over half a million Lisboetas (that's what we affectionately call the inhabitants of Lisbon).

These folks bring heart to the city's history, add flavor to its gastronomy, and spark life into its vibrant cultural scene. Half a million stories unfold every day on the sandy shores of Costa da Caparica, in the mesmerizing Fado houses of the Alfama quarter, and amidst the bustling tables of Time Out Market. Therefore, the size and population of Lisbon aren't mere numbers but the measure of the city's heart and soul.

Did you pack your bags yet or are you still asking for more? Either way, stay tuned because we've only scratched the surface of Lisbon's picturesque splendor. Bring your curiosity and appetite for adventure because Lisbon is full of secrets waiting to be discovered!